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Welcome to The Grateful Chef

For over a decade our passion has been to create real, wholesome, delicious and healthy food for you and your family. Each week Chef Brandy creates items that are inventive, bursting with flavor and are always made from fresh, nutritious whole food ingredients that are procured from the best sources possible.


Our creations are full of personality and highlight ingredients that will broaden your culinary palate while also keeping your dietary needs in mind. Whether its from our pre-order menu, from our freezer meals or our popular grab & go cooler, you will definitely be blown away.


We are a small but mighty team of wonderful employees and are all very passionate about our food. We are thrilled to share it with you!


About Us - Brandy

Brandy knew from a very young age that she loved to be in the kitchen. Right after HS she took the advice of her Home EC teacher and enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at the Iowa Culinary Institute. Shortly after graduating, Brandy moved to Portland, Oregon where she was able to work in some fantastic kitchens and gain some invaluable experience. After moving back to the Midwest to be closer to family, Brandy worked in both large scale food service and at some local favorite restaurants such as Bistro Montage and Cafe Di Scala. 


In 2010, The Grateful Chef was conceived when, after a nudge from a friend, she was asked to make meals for her and other friends who were too busy to cook healthy food and were tired of typical take out. By cooking for families in this way, The Grateful Chef has allowed Brandy to use her talents from both high-end restaurants and large scale cooking from food service to create passion driven food each week to our customers in the Des Moines area.


The Grateful Chef embodies all aspects that are key to Brandy's life including connecting a vibrant community of customers and through expression of self by utilizing bold color, textures and the freshness that is evident in her cooking style. Brandy always has these key thoughts in mind when creating her food each week for you: 


Love expressed through food, Passion, freedom of artistic expression and playfullness.

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