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Hi, I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for what you guys are doing. You are knocking it out of the park each week with wonderful and healthy food options!!


I love the addition of the grab & go case, freezer meals and baked goods. The variety of meat, vegetarian, vegan and gf meals are great. As someone who a) LOVES food and b) likes to eat healthy, the Grateful Chef is an outstanding place to have access too! 


I love to cook but I also love knowing that if I don’t have time, I can always count on you!!


You are awesome. ~ Kate Followell

"We finally ordered from the Grateful Chef and boy it was good! Highly recommended and I can't wait to order again." ~ Lindsay Smith

"Flavorful, fresh and healthy yet indulgent! I have been very pleased with both dishes I've picked up so far - the asparagus, pea & shrimp risotto and zucchini-Thai peanut salad. Love the variety of choice and quality of the ingredients! THIS is the kind of 'take out' the world needs more of; so grateful for your business!" ~ Dani Hommer

"The BBQ Pork and Sweet Potatoes were divine! We barely spoke as we shoveled it in last night for dinner. Yummm! For this week, I'll take the beef tacos please" ~ Best, Deb Gore Ohrn

"Amazing dinner... Couldn't stop raving about it. The cost for the equivalent at a restaurant would be extravagant!"​

~ Jen Canales

" I would like 1/2 order of the tacos and the chicken soup.

P.S. Your food is amazing! I have enjoyed each and every meal and as a single mom, you have saved me so much time and energy! This has allowed me more time with my 8 year old son. Thank You!!" ~ Katie Indra

"I bought one of the chickpea sandwiches from your to-go case when I picked up my order today and I just wanted to let you know it is fantastic!!! I wasnt sure what to expect but I think I could literally eat that every day. :)  If you have these to-go more often I would gladly stop by and get one. I would drive from west des moines to come pick one of those up. :) Thanks again!" -~ Bethany Hopper

Holy. Crap. These enchiladas are amazing. So glad I got a 4 serving. Makes me wonder, have you ever made chilaquiles? The corn tortilla flavor & texture made me think of it. One of my favorite things to eat...something to think about ;)


But really, bravo on the enchiladas. I’ll be trying them with eggs tomorrow for sure.  Have a great weekend. ~ Jeff Shaffer

"Brandy, I just wanted you to know that last week we had the chicken with gorgonzola cream….. OMG, that was the best chicken ever!!!

Thanks for making such fabulous meals!!!!" ~ Linda O’Shea

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