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We would LOVE to hear from you! If you need anything, want to tell us how great we are, how we can do better or don't see an answer to your question below, please contact us!

How can I get your weekly menu sent to me so that I don't miss out?

Simply go to our home page and at the bottom there is a place to add your name and email. Simple as that!


What are your hours?

Our store front will be open for Grab & Go and Freezer items as follows:

Monday - Closed for Meal Prep

Tuesday - Closed for Meal Prep

Wednesday - Closed for Meal Prep

Thursday - 10am-6pm (Pre-order meal pickup day)

Friday - 10am-3pm (Pre-order meal pickup day)

Saturday - 10am-1pm

Check out our Instagram or Facebook pages for any updates or special events

How do I order a meal from you?

We make it as simple as possible to order from us!


Scroll through the menu options on the "shop" page, click the item to view the details of the dish and then you can add the items you'd like to your cart. Finally, just checkout through your cart and either pay online with Paypal/Credit Card or choose "Offline Payment" and pay when you pickup your goodies during our pickup times. We accept any form of credit card, check, cash or TGC gift certificate. If you need to include a message with your order, simply add a note on the checkout page.


Even though we make a lot of meals, we mean A LOT, things do tend to sell out very quickly so set your alarm to ensure you can get what you're looking for! If a certain item says "out of stock" or is no longer listed, that means we've reached the limit for how many we can make of that item for the week. This is based on ingredient availability, time for preparation and available storage space in our refrigerators and freezers. We are a small but mighty team and will absolutely do our best to get you some food!

For pre-orders we offer both curbside pickup, by parking on the back side of our store and calling us, or you can come in to our storefront. Simply place your order for the items you'd like and either pay online or, if you are choosing to come in the store to pickup, you can also choose to pay when you come in by selecting "offline payment" during checkout. Due to the large number of meals made, some of the meals will be frozen and some will be fresh but they will all be delicious and ready to go. Pickup for the meals is each Thursday and Friday during normal business hours (Holiday Pickup may vary). Check out our "FAQ" page for more details on our ordering and pickup policies!

Here are the details:


The pre-order menu will get posted Monday morning. The menu will include both fresh and frozen items and our goal is to make more than enough of each item so that everyone has an opportunity to order what they would like.

For CURBSIDE pickup, here are the steps:

  • Order & Pay Online--online payment is CRUCIAL for us to make this process successful & efficient for everyone!  If paying in cash or Gift Certificate, we will collect payment at time of arrival.

  • Pickup Hours: Thursday 10-6 & Friday 10-3. Even though we are open Saturday, due to limited staffing, we will not be offering curbside on that day.

  • Pickup Location: BACK side of The Grateful Chef on Hillside Ave.

  • Pickup Instructions: Pull into a parking spot on the back side of the building (Hillside Ave) then call 515-901-5692 when you have arrived.  

For customers who would like to come inside the store to pick up their pre-order items:

  • Open Hours: Thursday 10-6 & Friday 10-3.

  • Arrival: Enter through front door on Hartford Ave or back door on Hillside.

When does a fresh new pre-order menu come out?
We create and publish a new menu on Monday morning of each week. It'll magically appear here and can also be sent to your inbox via email if you are subscribed to our mailing list. If you want to be added to our menu mailing list, just enter your info in the subscription box at the bottom of the home page.
When do I have to have my order in by?
In order to properly shop for and prepare your meal, we ask that you have your order in by Wednesday morning. We do sometimes sell out of items very quickly and prior to the end of the day Monday so ordering earlier is highly recommended. Ordering online is open 24/7, so if you get that late night craving, check us out and order something tasty!

When and where is pickup?

Pickup is each Thursday from 10am to 6pm and/or Friday from 10am to 3pm at our lovely storefront. You can find us just a few minutes South of The East Village in Sevastopol Station at 1938 SE 6th Street, Suite 103. Come check us out, pickup your food or just hang out with us for a while. We promise we're good company and there's likely to be some fun music playing! For a map of how to find us just click!

What if I forget to pickup my order or can't make it on Thursday or Friday?
If something prevents you from picking up your meals on either day, please let us know right away and we will try to make other arrangements but cannot guarantee availability of your meals after the dedicated pickup days of Thursday and Friday (Holiday pickup days may differ). Your order and pickup is a commitment and we make each item specifically for you to enjoy and want you to have it as fresh as possible. Unfortunately, we have limited space to store your items after the dedicated pickup days as we are getting ready for the next weeks meals and our refrigerators & freezers are full with new items. Because we are a small business and invest time, ingredients and containers into making your order, we are not able to refund any prepayment or give you a different meal if you cannot or forget to pickup.
Due to food safety regulations and our desire to give you the highest quality product possible, we need to have these policies in place. If you are unable to pickup at the end of our regular business hours on the dedicated pickup days for the week of your order and you have not communicated with us, we will either donate your food (we absolutely do not want anything to go to waste) or dispose of them. Pickup for all items is Thursday from 10-6 or Friday from 10-3. Thank you for your understanding!

How do I order and use a gift card from you?

We are kinda old-school and offer beautiful paper gift cards that come in an envelope. Simply go to our "shop" page, select your gift card amount, leave us a note as to where to ship or if you're coming in to pick it up and if you want the gift card to have a message. Add to your cart, choose your payment method and we will process it to your liking ASAP!


To use the gift card online, simply choose "offline payment" during checkout and finish your order as normal. When you come in to pickup your order, the person at the register will deduct the order amount and, if you have a balance remaining, return your card to you for a future purchase. For grab and go or other in-store items, just bring your card in with you and we will deduct your purchase amount accordingly. As always, feel free to call us with any questions.

Is this a subscription or a commitment?
Absolutely not! We would never lock you in to anything or tell you you have to order our food every week (although we have a feeling you'll be tempted to). Simply order when something strikes your fancy and we'll get going on preparing your delicious grub.
How do I know if you got my order?
If you order online and pay with Paypal, you'll get an order number on your "Thank You" page at the end and a confirmation email from both us and Paypal. If you choose to pay when you pickup your food through "Offline Payment" or with Square online credit card processing, you will get an order number on your "Thank You" page at the end and a confirmation email from just us. It's super simple! Sometimes emails get lost in cyberspace or in your spam folder so if you have any doubts about whether we received your order, give us a shout and we will confirm.

I already ordered, can I add on to my order?

Absolutely! Just place another order and we will make sure it gets added on to your original order.

Are your meals ready to go?

Yup! We aren't going to give you one of those kits and tell you to spend hours in the kitchen trying to figure it out. We try and keep your labor to a minimum. What makes our service so unique and special is that we do all of the shopping, chopping and cooking for you. Depending on the meal, some will be frozen and some will be fresh. The only difference is the frozen ones get thawed before cooking. We will either ask you to simply reheat it or bake it to finish it perfectly in your oven at home. Our salads are ready to eat and our soups can be warmed or eaten cold if you're feeling adventurous. VOILA! a super healthy, tasty and fun meal awaits.

Is there a minimum order?

Nada! Simply add what sounds good to your cart and order away! Some of our customers get it all and some simply are feeling like a soup or salad. It is totally up to you!

Where is everything made?

All of our meals are made fresh in our certified kitchen in lovely Des Moines, Iowa. We are fully licensed and follow all state and local health code guidelines to ensure the highest quality items possible. John and Brandy are both ServSafe Certified Food Managers.

How long will my food last? Can it be frozen if it comes refrigerated?

Everything we make is fresh or frozen depending on the meal. They are all prepared fresh right before or on pickup day. Most everything is generally good for 4-6 days if kept refrigerated properly or a few months if frozen properly. If you have a question about a specific item, please ask! As far as freezing, almost all of our food can be frozen to help extend its life and make your life easier. The exceptions would be our fresh salads and items that simply won't reheat well after being frozen due to their ingredients. Again, please ask if you're unsure at all.

How often does the menu change?

A brand new pre-order menu is created and published on Monday morning of each week. Grab and Go and our freezer may change weekly (sometimes daily). Check our Instagram page or give us a shout for the latest selections!

What kind of food to you make? Can you handle my allergy or dietary concern?

We make healthy, nutritious and tasty food of all kinds. Only using the finest whole food ingredients and spices; all made by hand. On any given week you might see food that is Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Whole 30, Keto, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, etc. We typically try to offer food that hits the major dietary needs and health trends while just making it taste amazing and make your week easier. If you have a dietary concern and would like to know if we can help, please contact us and we'll do everything we can to accommodate you!

Where do you get your ingredients?

We are annoyingly picky. We get as much as we can from local, trusted sources whether its meat, produce or all of the little items that make your food so good. When it's available, we always choose organic and seek out the best in whole food, fresh sources for each and every ingredient. None of that crap filled with preservatives and things you can't pronounce from a can or bag. We would never put anything in your food that we wouldn't feed to our own families. Our goal is to give you the absolute BEST food possible for you and your family.

Do you have a calorie count, nutrition information or "points" for your meals?

Because everything we do is made from scratch and recipes are rarely used, we don't have the ability to easily get this information on most of our items. We can absolutely assure you that the finest ingredients are always chosen and our food is as fresh, properly portioned and as healthy as you would ever want.

What are your portion sizes?

We generally offer our meals in what we call "2-3 serving" size. We try to size things this way so that our meals can be accessible to everyone regardless of how many people are around the dinner table and are almost always told our servings are VERY generous. Our soups and salads come in full quart containers. We do our best to create items that fit any lifestyle and can easily accommodate anyone from one person to a house full of people. Our Grab & Go options are sized in smaller portions for your lunchtime or snacking needs.

What's up with your extra Freezer Meals and Grab & Go? Can you hold something for me?

Our extra freezer meals and Grab & Go are available during our normal business hours and change weekly or even sometimes daily. The best way to find out our current offerings is to check out our Instagram page or just give us a call. Our freezer is stocked with extra meals, soups and sides each week. Meals are generally made in the 2-3 serving size, soups are in either pint or quart sizes and sides vary depending on what they are. These items are extra from our weekly menu offerings or something we just decided to make and will be first-com first-serve and available on a limited basis. Due to this limited nature and limited storage, unfortunately, we cannot hold things.

Do you take your containers back?

Since the beginning of The Grateful Chef, we have been very aware of the environment and make every attempt to minimize our impact we have. We use compostable containers when possible and, when we have to use plastic, we always purchase new but 100 % recycled PET containers. We also take back and recycle the soup, 1 cup and 2 cup plastic containers. All other containers can be disposed of or recycled in your home as normal. Thanks for helping us keep the planet as clean as possible!

Is this service affordable?

When Brandy first created this business over ten years ago, it was with the idea of making healthy food accessible to EVERYONE. We strive to keep our prices low without sacrificing our extremely high standards and while still sourcing the finest ingredients. Our portions are healthy and, in most cases, can easily be stretched into several meals. The cost of our options are based on several factors including the cost of premium ingredients, container costs and time to prepare. We do our very best to keep the costs to you as affordable as possible and absorb the continually rising costs of doing business. Our goal is to show you that eating well is accessible and extremely satisfying. It's just like eating at a fine restaurant only in the comfort of your home (and no tipping)! Healthy eating is hands-down the best investment you can make in your life.

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